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In the midst of holiday celebrations, I would like to reach out to those of you going through a divorce, as well as those of you spending your first holiday post-divorce. This season of family and tradition can be a sad and difficult time, especially if this is the first holiday without your children.


I urge you to take care of yourselves: eat well, get plenty of sleep, don’t drink too much, remember to exercise. Do reach out to friends, make sure you have plans for the holidays and contingency plans in case the first set falls through. It can help to have a good book on hand, a pod cast to listen to or Netflix movie you’ve been meaning to watch. This may even be the holiday to get away from it all with a mini vacation.


If you are hosting the holiday, you might consider changing some of the family traditions and starting something new that will make the holiday yours – even if it’s only the stuffing recipe!


Most of all, allow yourself time to grieve. Divorce is a loss. Trying to smile bravely, soldier on and sweep it under the rug doesn’t make it go away and doesn’t help you heal. So go ahead and cry – you’re entitled – then eat some turkey, some pumpkin pie and count a blessing…..or two.


I wish you well as we look forward to 2024.

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