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A stunning sculpture on the grounds of the DeCordova Museum caught my eye.

The sculpture is entitled Song of the Broken Chains, 2020 by Melvin Edwards. The accompanying explanation states: “the links in Song of the Broken Chains are monumental in scale, with broken fragments suggesting both liberation and rupture...”

How interesting that I too had used a chain motif as the picture on my divorce website. Mine shows a length of paper clips fastened into a chain with the middle one broken. More interesting, in my mind, was that I had used it to show the “rupture” and had never even considered the “liberation”. Clearly you can tell on which side of the divorce I had fallen!

Most people do mourn a divorce as a loss or rupture. If you are in the early stages of your divorce, please do take the time you need to grieve and heal. Once the divorce is behind you, however, take the time to look at how it may have given you a second chance, a new direction or a liberation.

Many years later I realize that divorce has changed my life in many positive ways: I became a CDFA and started a business that gives me purpose every day; I developed interests in hiking and kayaking; I have travelled, and continue to travel, all over the world; I’ve made wonderful new friends. While there is still sadness sometimes over the loss, my world has opened up.

This holiday season I wish you hope, joy and new vistas to explore.

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