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The Improving Medicare Coverage Act

More than 100 House Democrats are backing legislation introduced last Friday that would lower Medicare eligibility to age 60. The Improving Medicare Coverage Act is of great importance to many including those who are contemplating, or in the midst of, a Grey Divorce (divorcing after age 60).

Getting divorced later in life comes with its own set of challenges. One of those challenges can be maintaining health insurance until Medicare eligibility which is currently age 65.

In Massachusetts COBRA may afford you 36 months of coverage after a divorce. While this is longer than the 18 months you receive after a job loss it requires that you pay out of pocket for that time period if you are not able to remain on your ex-spouse’s insurance plan. It is also not of sufficient length to bridge the 5 year gap between age 60 and age 65.

Divorce is never easy, at any age. This Act could significantly improve the outcome for some older couples.

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